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Pet Insurance Reiview – Finally a pet insurance that covers your costs

10/10 Finally a pet insurance that covers your costs
This insurance does not cover your yearly physical expenses but IT COVERS 90% of TOTAL ACTUAL VET BILL for sick, diagnostic, lab, surgery,over night care.. I live in New York and medical bills are much higher than a small town across the country. At present I am a pet parent to 3 cats and 3 dogs of which 2 of my pets are very senior dog 18 years old and cat 23 years old, my other 4 pets are 4 years old I Know how hard it is to take care of your pets when ill..I was always looking for insurance for my younger pets that made some sense. All other insurance covers yearly visits and such BUT it is NOT what it cost you IT IS A PAY SCALE AVERAGE and lots of exclusion and premiums some higher than Trupanion..I picked Trupanion because their coverage IS 90% of what it costs you for illness or surgery and NO CAPS ON LIFETIME. I enrolled 7/29/2010 my younger pets. One of my dogs ruptured her R CCL ( her knee tendon) had surgery $ 1610.00 9/24/2010 received payment 10/19/2010 for $1449.00..I AM SO HAPPY, also had a prior bill expenses $ 737.00 diagnostic and labs in reference to above Recieved payment for $ 663.30..AGAIN I AM SO HAPPY..I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE>.p.s I never write reviews but what I read up on Trupanion helped me , I hope this helps someone else…
-Maggie C.

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