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Pet of the Week – Dax

Hi! This is Dax. He is a German Shepherd (yes, there are all black ones! We get asked that a lot). He is now 8 months old, but a couple of months ago we woke up and found that he was having trouble breathing. We took him to the emergency, and learned that he had aspiration pneumonia. Thanks to having Trupanion, we didn’t hesitate to get him all the care he needed. He had to spend a couple of days in the ICU, but afterwards was back to being the happy, healthy and destructive puppy he always is. He loves shoes, cats, dogs, horses, people, chewing everything, and romping through the snow!

Thanks, Stephanie, for nominating Dax and sending in all those beautiful pictures!

We would love to feature your pet as Pet of the Week! You don’t have to be a Trupanion policyholder to nominate your pet. Just e-mail a picture (or a few) and a bio to!

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