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Pet Valentines – Honorable Mentions

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From last week’s giveaway, we received so many heartwarming stories about the love of our pets and what makes them your Valentine. Here are a few honorable mentions to celebrate a day full of love!


Rocko is my Valentine because he is the perfect kitty in so many ways….my favorite thing is that he is a Mommy’s boy and waits for me to come home everyday. He is always excited to see me when I come home and follows me around for the next 30 mins to get his much needed attention from me. I love him and he loves me. -Stella C.

Casey is my sunshine. Every day when I get home, she greets me with a very loud bark/whine combo. -Ellen S.


Without her I would be nothing… Gypsy is the child we never had. -Stephanie S.

Doggy kisses, posted by Hara M.

Let me start with the fact that no other creature on this earth has loved me as unconditionally! When I’m sad she knows just how to cheer me up with a warm furry snuggle! When I’m mad she knows just how to make me laugh with a random growl/alien sound session. -Jessica S.

I cannot even begin to tell you the love that Daisy May has brought into my life. At first I wanted a little yorkie as a pet but how quickly she grew to be so much more, she is my best friend. -Jessica B.

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