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Resident Lap Warmer

The following guest post comespungle cat from Justin Hammack, from

All offices need a form of in-house Rest & Relaxation; at, we take our R&R with our resident Havana Brown cat, ‘Nub’ (short for newbie).  We found Nub at a no-kill shelter that was over-capacity and had resorted to literally giving away adult cats for free. Somehow, after looking at over 200 cats that day, we stumbled upon Nub, wrapped head-to-toe in a blanket, peeking meekly between a fold to avoid being noticed.

Nub is a runt, a clutz and is easily scared by pretty much anything, including his own reflection. Despite these flaws, he still manages to be the most compassionate cat we’ve ever met. He’s had no problem fitting in at pungle, as we share a lot of similar interests: he’s a connoisseur of cheese, enjoys quacking like a duck when excited and is always in the mood for a movie. Since he’s joined the team, he’s done his part helping during long hours of coding, meetings and stressful emails.  A few highlights from his resume: warming laps, purring, napping, nuzzling, epic soft fur, and judgmental staring.  His mere presence keeps us all in touch with the simple pleasures regardless of the emotional peaks and valleys in starting a new business.

During a regular day he bounces aroundlap dog from lap to lap usually ending up working with our developer, warming his lap during long hours of coding. By the end of the day it’s not uncommon to find him cuddled up with his favorite sheep’s fur pillow, although, we suspect that he would prefer a real buddy by his side.

Nub, Chief Stress Management Officer at pungle.


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