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Responsible Pet Owners Month

The month of February is Responsible Pet Owners Month! While we are all responsible pet owners just by loving our pets and giving them a good home, there are many ways we can celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month by remembering a few key pet care tips.

Here are some great tips provided by The Daily Mail (original article no longer available):

  • Know your pet and the type of food, hygiene and exercise it will require. Knowing potential health problems is important, too.
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered, particularly if you take it in as a stray.
  • Have your pet thoroughly examined by a veterinarian within 24 hours of adoption. This is a good time to work out a schedule of preventive care.
  • Give your pet plenty of fresh air and exercise. It gives your pet a way to release pent-up energy and it allows you a chance to bond with your pet.
  • Dog owners should strongly consider some training for their pets. Unchallenged bad habits evolve into a lifetime of bad behavior — and resentment of owner toward the pet.
  • Provide a sanitary environment for your pet. Bacteria and disease can flourish in an area of poor hygiene.
  • If you are moving and can no longer keep your pet, find help from a friend or neighbor. Don’t just throw your pet from a car on the way out of town.
  • Confine your pet safely and humanely. Fences or kennels are appropriate. Tying your pet up is discouraged.

By feeding your pet a healthy diet, giving it plenty of exercise, providing all preventive care and giving it lots of love, you can ensure that your pet will live a happy and healthy life.

Do you have any ‘responsible pet owner’ tips to add?

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