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To Treat Train or Not To Treat Train, That Is the Question

The following guest postusing treats to train puppies and recommendations come from Tony, from Smart Start Puppies:

Pretty popular question we get asked is “why don’t you guys train with treats?”  To us that’s an easy answer and it’s a simple one.  If you reward your dog every time with a treat he/she is only going to be doing those commands due to a treat and not because they were taught to.

In our experience what ends up happening if you train your dog(s) with treats is now you not only have to remember to grab everything you need before you leave your house, now you also have to remember to grab your treat bag because if you don’t and you forget to grab the bag of treats your dog is going to know that there is no treat therefore they don’t have to do whatever was asked of them.  Reason number two; what do they put in those treats? Unless you’re getting your treats from a reputable source who knows what they are putting in there we really don’t know what goes in those treats.  Reason number three; The more treats you give your dog the more chances you have of having to take your dog to the veterinarians office due to something (allergic reaction, obesity, etc) that was in that treat and we all know that a Vet visit is a nice out of pocket visit!

Bottom line here is, Smart Start Puppies trains dogs to learn through positive reinforcement, tone inflections, technique, and body language, oh and did we mention consistency and repetition.  Dogs are creatures of habit they learn through doing the same things over and over again.  To have your dog trained with treats, clickers and or any other tools such as choke collars or so forth to us is not training.  It’s manipulating the dog to do something due to the fact that you have that tool, what happens if you forget that tool at the house? Good luck getting your dog to do his command.

Our dog training model creates an open line of communication between us humans and our dogs.  Training takes time and dedication.  Getting your dog to understand and comprehend commands just doesn’t happen overnight.  Humans don’t get good at sports by just catching one football or hitting one ball with a bat, all of these athletes that become great in what they do accomplish that by PRACTICE and REPETITION!

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