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Who Is Your Pet?

The following guest post comes from MyPetYourPet:

You love him, he’s funny and affectionate but what makes him the pet that he is?  He’s part of your family now but he does have relatives of his own – wouldn’t you be interested to learn more about his heritage, his bloodline. his biological family?

You probably met his mother, maybe even his father but what about his ancestors and other relatives?  Maybe you wonder what these animals looked like, where they lived or whether they were similar to your pet in nature and temperament.  And what about the brothers and sisters of your pet – how did they turn out and who owns them?  After all, these were the other gorgeous youngsters you had to leave behind when you chose your own from the litter – where did they end up?

Do your pet’s relatives share his likes and dislikes, his quirks and funny ways?  Did you really get the pick of the litter?

MyPetYourPet.com is a new and free website which can answer all these questions and more.  MyPetYourPet helps pet owners to trace the ancestors, relatives and offspring of their own pets.  It uses a unique search facility to automatically collate an interactive family tree that provides up-to-date details, photographs and video of these related animals.  MyPetYourPet already has a large and ever expanding community of pet lovers and is quickly becoming a fascinating source of information that will help any owner understand just what gives their pet the character they have.

MyPetYourPet carries out the same functions for all pets – dogs, cats, horses, birds and even small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and reptiles. Join us today at MyPetYourPet.com and start let us start the search for your pet’s relatives!

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