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Celebrating the Bond Between Human and Animal

mitzie and selena: two catsThe following guest post was written by Chris, from HumanPaw.

It all started with a journey to find a pet to keep us company and bring in some energy into the house. We immediately thought, “Great! We’ll get a dog!” As we searched through to find our new dog, we quickly came into the realization that our lifestyle did not allow for the demands of caring for a dog. With long days at work and an even longer commute, a cat’s independence was exactly what we needed!

At the time, I was terrified of the idea. I had never cared for a cat before, and not only that, I had always heard horror stories regarding cats! I think those stories brought about this unexplainable fear that I had about even getting remotely close to a cat. But, I had absolutely no reason to be afraid. I had never had a negative real life encounter with one.

One day, we heard of an animal rescue that had a number of newborn kittens and went to their location to see what they had to offer. As I looked around it took nothing but a few seconds until I absolutely fell in love with an eight-week-old yellow-coated kitten with white stripes that for my luck had already been adopted! Moments later, a volunteer at the adoption agency said she had a cat that had been rescued from hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and had just given birth to a litter of kittens.

Without ever even seeing them, we ended up adopting not one, but two! These two girls which we never met until the day they were dropped off at our home by the volunteer, where to change everything I believed about what an animal was. We named them, Mitzie and Selena. At eight weeks old, their innocence sparked a sort of almost immediate paternal sense of having to protect their small and fragile little lives.

As they grew older, their amazing unexpected level of intelligence and extreme curiosity for life has been absolutely life changing. Changing the very core of everything I knew at animal was. Who would’ve ever thought that they could have such unique personalities? But to my surprise, I was never expecting them to have the ability to show their emotions and love for you. A weird connection that can only be explained by the bond created between you and the animal.

Because of the amazing bond I have been privileged to share with my cats, it was only natural that we help everyone else celebrate their bond with the special furry friend in their lives. That is when humanpaw.com was born. Human Paw is the bond between human and animal. Showing the world that they love us, as much as we love them, is the first step to awareness against the many issues animals endure on a daily basis.

These wonderful creatures have a gift like no other. The unbelievable amount of unconditional love they give with no expectations, but only your love in return, makes you really understand what life is really about. Love makes this world a better place. And it’s a sentiment that we all need to feel, no matter what species you are.

Let’s all take a second to show your furry friend some unconditional love and celebrate the bond between us.

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