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New Eco-Indie Brand, Devoted to Helping Pet Shelters

The following guest post was written by Melissa Salinas, founder of  Jus Animalium Culture Apparel (JACA), a brand of clothing that is based on the message that you can express and reward yourself through what you wear. Check out their website and blog to find clothing for men, women and pets that not only look great, but help provide for a better planet.

pet strugglesSpread the Knowledge of The American Pet Struggle

In 1869, one of the first American animal shelters was established. There are now 3 to 6,ooo or more shelters in the United States and they have come a long way since their beginnings. There are now better developed programs and improved services for the millions of homeless and unwanted pets that enter these facilities per year. But these shelters are only a crutch in assisting the many uneducated pet owners that contribute to the endless amounts of unwanted pets. American Pet overpopulation is so severe that most of the shelters do not have enough resources to care for the millions of unwanted pets that come through their doors per year and many are forced to kill 1 out of every 3 they take in which results in 3 – 4 million abandoned or unwanted pets eauthanized (killed) per year.

The problem of companion animal overpopulation lies on the fact that there are too many pet owners that are uneducated and do not understand the sad and inhumane problem they are creating. Many jump into companion animal ownership because their children “want one” or because “look how cute” when it is a baby animal without understanding what is involved with caring for a pet throughout it’s youth, adult and senior life. I once new an individual who kept letting her cat have litters of kittens because her children loved kittens, but once the kittens got too old they would all get dumped at a shelter.

petsReminding America that we need to change.

I created JACA, Jus Animalium Culture Apparel, to spread the knowledge of the American pet struggle and to assist pet shelters. Respectfully decorated with distinct stylish designs inspired by animalia such as discovering a new species, remembering one that changed our lives, or learning how we can help them – every design speaks for and about them. Our revolutionary fair wear tees remind you that eco-friendly is trendy and most importantly that your purchasing power is creating widespread change for the millions of American pets that are euthanized each year. Every month we choose one to two pet shelters to help and for every tee you buy and through our Help A Shelter Project, the chosen shelter(s) will receive funding to assist with the needs of the pets in their care so they may have higher chances of being adopted and not euthanized.

Creating widespread change for companion animals is our mission, and your purchases are the heart of making it real.companion animals

JACA officially started in January of 2011 and I want to thank our customers, fans and believers for helping us raise our first donation of over $400 through the end of February for Cat Care Society of Colorado and Midwest Rescue of IL.

Please check our website at and our blog at for information on the current shelter(s) we are helping and how you can help.

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