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Pet Cloning: What do you think?

Some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to clone their beloved pet so that it could be reborn after it passes. There are so many different views on the topic that I thought I would open it up for discussion.

In recent news, a man paid $310,000 to have his two deceased dogs cloned, believing that they would be reincarnated. A few years ago, Edgar and Nina Otto paid $155,000 to clone their yellow Labrador, Lancelot. By preserving your pet’s DNA, it can be inserted into an egg to impregnate a dog who will birth your beloved pet.

-If you had the money, would you do it?
-Do you believe that pets can be reincarnated?
-Also, do you think you (or anyone who chose to clone a pet) would notice if they gave you the wrong pup from the litter?

Share your thoughts on the topic!

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