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Pet of the Week: Baby Emma

This is Baby Emma. She is 5 months old; just adopted out to the Parise Family.

Baby Emma was adopted by a loving couple located in St. Catherine’s who recently lost their Cavalier, Abby, and had a hard time with that loss. They drove many hours to adopt Baby Emma as her birth mother Cavalier was named Abby or Lady Abigale. She has been one of my favourite adopted puppies and the couple that adopted her had so much love shining in their eyes, they called every day, they asked for pictures everyday and I am so happy the Parise Family found her. They proclaim (including myself) she is extremely intelligent (rings a bell to potty), is very loving and adorable…(x 100). Baby Emma loves snuggling her new Mommi and Daddy and they snuggle her right back. She loves bags, balls and lots of toys. She is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am so glad to be apart of spreading the cavalier love, especially when the couple exceeds my high expectations of adoptions. Thank you for making Baby Emma your Top Pet of the Week.

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2 Responses to Pet of the Week: Baby Emma

  1. Gwen says:

    Beautiful!!! Brings back memories of my childhood dog friend “Fluffly LaRue” I would love to have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Rue was not a Cavalier that we know of. She came from a yard sale , free to a good home!!!! She looked exactly like a Cavalier though. Thanks for sharing your story of Baby Emma, makes me smile. =)

  2. Julie E Roberts says:

    You are a true beauty Emma, I know you will love your new home and your wonderful lucky loving human pets!

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