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Switzerland Institutes Controversial Dog Tax

Dog owners in Reconvilier, Switzerland are faced with a controversial tax.

The village of Reconvilier, Switzerland has instituted a controversial tax for dog owners. Pet owners are now required to pay a $48.50 yearly tax, but that is not the controversial part. If dog owners refuse or fail to pay the tax, the municipal council has threatened to kill their furry friends.

The law is not new, but is actually a bylaw from 1904 that allows the civic government to kill dogs as a last resort in collecting unpaid taxes. Pierre-Alain Nemitz, the official who runs the council, has said that as recently as the 1960s, the village dealt with troublesome dogs in this brutal fashion. He doesn’t seem to see an issue with a law of this nature.

Most opponents feel the law will be more effective in damaging community relations than collecting taxes and solving the city’s budget issues. Nemitz is seeing a lot of push-back from people all over the world, even receiving threats on his life.

Reconvilier is located approximately 100 miles from Geneva and is said to have a population of 2,245 people and 280 dogs.

What do you think? How would you feel about a law like this in your town?

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