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Teddy’s Pet Insurance Testimonial


I was very relieved to have insurance with Trupanion for my dog Teddy. He came down with severe periodontal disease when he was only 2 years of age.
He ended up having his small upper teeth and small bottom teeth removed. In total I think he lost about 10 teeth. He was a very sick puppy for over two months. I am pleased to report he is now back to his happy active self. His breath and over all health have greatly improved over the last month.

-Joanne E.

Total claim amount: $3,382.58
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fee: -$107.50
Other fees – routine dental care: -$286.41
10% co-pay: -$298.86
Trupanion repaid: $2,689.81

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