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That One Time I Spent 6 Hours at the Pet ER on a Tuesday

The following is a guest post from Ashley who runs the blog The Accidental Olympian. Ashley writes about how the failing economy turned her life upside-down, about getting past it and becoming the queen of the universe, and lately, how she owns the two most expensive and time consuming dogs on the planet. Read more about Ashley and her dogs Oly and Stella at The Accidental Olympian.

Accidental Olympian

People, I sobbed. There is something so very cruel about veterinary care when you don’t have pet insurance. You essentially weigh the importance of your pet against the money in your bank. I had to sit down and take a long hard look at my financial situation and realize that if the worst thing happened I could very well max out my credit card, empty my emergency savings account and still be standing there unable to pay her full bill. That moment of really evaluating my financial situation stopped my heart. Of course I was going to do everything in my power to help fix this dog, but holy WOW if the idea of that final bill didn’t leave me dry heaving on the floor of my office as I contemplated my next move.

Luckily for Adam and I our vet suggested we take the risk, avoid the surgery and head to the specialist. Where we spent the next 6 hours waiting to see what in the world was causing all this financial and physical anguish.

In the end, after a grand total of around 1,300 dollars (kill me now) we found out that the item causing Oly all this pain was none other than around 5 casings from a summer sausage.

Can you imagine our faces when the doctor walked into the waiting room with a paper towel, opened it and revealed none other than SAUSAGE CASINGS?

I wanted to be like, “Hah! Funny! Where’s the towel? Or chew toy? Or pair of underwear for crying out loud? Show me something BIG, and EVIL, and STOMACH CLOGGING!”


1,300 dollar summer sausage.


I wanted so badly to sit down with Oly and have a little conversation along the lines of, “Oly, remember at the beach house when you and Macy were fighting over the trash can? Growling over who would go for those casings we’d mistakenly thrown away right in front of you, and you lunged and ate them all in one big heroic swoop? REMEMBER THAT? Because you should have let Macy eat them. Seriously.”

Sadly, dogs don’t have the same comprehension we do.

Very, very, very sadly.

Oly and the new addition to the family, Stella

All in all, this has been a most traumatizing, and eye opening experience. What I’ve learned more than anything throughout this whole experience is that the decision we made a year ago, where we sat down and decided we were paying in more to pet insurance than we were getting out, therefore convincing us to start a savings account for Oly and cancel pet insurance, was the WORST IDEA WE EVER HAD IN OUR WHOLE LIVES.

2011 will hereby be known as the year of renewed pet insurance (Hi Trupanion, where have you been all my life?) for our little adventurous eater, and the year where I try really really really hard to get myself out of this mountain of debt.

Be warned dog owners.

Sausage, is surprisingly expensive.


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