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Update: Shanghai Passes One-Dog Law

Shanghai residents now limited to one dog.

Back in January, I wrote a post about the possibility that pet owners in the city of Shanghai, China, would be limited to one dog. It has now been reported that this law has officially passed.

Similar to their one-child policy that was put into place to decrease the overpopulation problem, the one-dog policy aims to decrease the pet overpopulation problem in the city. It is estimated that the city currently homes over 800,000 dogs. It is reported that the city has a big problem with rampant barking, unscooped poop, and dog attacks, which prompted the law.

But the law not only limits the number of dogs Shanghai residents can own, but the types of dogs as well. No longer will attack dogs be allowed in the city. What constitutes an attack dog? It’s not really clear, but it seems to be up to the discrimination of the Shanghai government. (One breed that was listed was the British Bulldog.)

The law will go into effect May 15.

Read the full story on TIME’s newsfeed here.


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