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Animal Abusers to Register Their Status in New York

Puppy in Animal ShelterIt was recently announced that Suffolk County in New York has created the nation’s first animal abuse registry, requiring people convicted of cruelty to animals to register with the county. If these offenders fail to register, they face jail time and fines.

The list will be available to animal organizations, so animal abusers will be prevented from adopting new victims from shelters and rescue organizations or buying them from breeders. Without these two easy ways to bring a new animal into their life, the hope is that they won’t have an option to inflict more cruelty and pets will be safe from them.

The list will also be available to the public so that pet owners can be informed if an animal abuser is living near them. This hopefully will deter the third way these people obtain pets – from stealing them from their neighbors. 

The law has already inspired other counties to take a look at instituting a registery as well. San Francisco is one such city considering following suit, with the one exception that only animal organizations would be able to access the database, not the general public. Watch this video for more information.

What do you think about this new registry? Do you think it will help deter those convicted of animal cruelty of re-offending?

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