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Bentley’s Pet Insurance Experience


When my two boxers turned 6 and 7 I began considering pet insurance more seriously for their senior years. Both had TPLO surgeries for cruciate ligament tears in their left legs as 2-year-olds and I was concerned with this being a pre-existing condition as well as hereditary conditions for this high risk breed.

This is when Trupanion caught my attention. Trupanion covers hereditary conditions and they were the only company that did not consider their previous TPLO surgeres pre-existing, although considered a bilateral condition, as they’d occurred over 18 months prior to enrollment. There also was no payout limit, 90% coverage for each claim, competitive premiums, choice of deductible to make rates more affordable, and no increase in rates due to pets aging. Trupanion simply offered the best coverage of all pet insurance companies.

Three months into our insurance, Trupanion has already been there for us. Bentley started limping on his right rear leg and was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament and meniscus. We were able to immediately schedule surgery without delay knowing the surgery would be covered at 90%. I was most impressed with how friendly and helpful all Trupanion representatives were throughout the process. I received regular email updates and I received my check in less than 10 days. Bentley is expected to have a full recovery thanks to Trupanion’s outstanding service well as the skill of our very talented veterinarians, Dr. Glen Rouse at Colorado Veterinary Specialists and Dr. Ray Cox at Deer Creek Animal Hospital.

We all hope that illness or accidents won’t happen to our pets but the odds are against that. Not having pet insurance could mean not being able to provide treatment for financial reasons with unthinkable consequences. I encourage all who are considering pet insurance to research your options. I can confidently recommend Trupanion from my personal experience.
-Kathleen S.

Total claim amount: $3,088.14
Deductible applied: -$100.00
Exam fee: -$0.00
10% co-insurance: -$308.81
Trupanion repaid: $2,689.33


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