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Bronx Zoo Cobra Hiding in Seattle the Whole Time

Resident dogs of Trupanion pet insurance welcomed cobra into their pack.

The cobra sports his Trupanion tag among his new friends.

(Press Release) April 1, 2011 – It was recently reported that the Bronx Zoo cobra, which had been missing for more than a week, was found in the zoo’s reptile house. Today, Trupanion, the nation’s fastest-growing pet insurance provider, released a statement that the venomous Egyptian snake had been hiding out in the office halls of the Seattle location ever since its first escape.

Zoo officials were frantically looking all over the east coast, never realizing the snake had migrated west to Seattle. Apparently, he had enough of the cold winter storms in New York.

“We should have told the zoo officials right away,” said Darryl Rawlings, Chief Executive Officer of Trupanion, “but the snake informed us he needed a break and really wanted to hide in obscurity for a little while.”

As it turns out, the cobra appeared to be friendly with Trupanion’s office dogs and was given an honorary Trupanion identification tag. All Trupanion insured pets receive a unique engraved identification tag with the company’s 24-hour hotline should the pet become lost.

“I’m sssso excited to have made it all the way to Ssssseattle,” said the cobra in an exclusive interview today. “It was ssssssuper fun to hang out with all the Trupanion dogsssss. They are my new friendssss.”

Once the cobra realized the panic he caused in the New York City area, he decided it was time to head back home. He returned to the zoo and is now happily sharing his adventures with the other reptiles in his house.

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