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Happy Earth Day from Trupanion

Earth Day Dog

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to inspire environmental awareness and appreciation. It is also a day to take a look at the environmental impact each of us creates. And as pet owners, we should take our pet’s impact into consideration as well.

We recently published a press release on this very subject, encouraging pet owners to start thinking about ways to decrease the impact their petshave on the environment – things like choosing eco-friendly litter for cats and walking their dog instead of driving to a dog park.

DogTime Media had a similar idea as us and recently conducted a survey to determine the top ten things dog owners do to reduce their dog’s carbon footprint. Many of the things they unearthed were included in our press release as well, but there are a couple new ideas. Here are the results*:

10) Use eco-friendly dog accessories

9) Use natural or organic flea medicine

8) Make homemade dog food and dog treats

7) Feed a raw, organic, or holistic diet

6) Use biodegradable or flush-able poop bags

5) Use natural or organic shampoos to keep dogs clean

4) Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies to clean dog messes

3) Reuse leashes, collars, and other dog accessories

2) Keep dogs leashed at all times except in designated off leash areas

1) Spay or neuter

Do you do any of the things mentioned above? What are your best tricks for lowering your dog’s carbon footprint? And how do you and your dog plan to celebrate Earth Day this year?

*Source: DogTime Media, 4/11

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