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How Pets Save Us Money In Life

Not only are pets our best friends, but they play a variety of other roles in our lives.If everyone had a pet, think about how much money they would save on the following:

  • Therapist – Many of us talk to our pets. We tell them about our day, we complain and whine, and our pets patiently listen. They even provide comfort and support when we need it.
  • Heated Blanket – Dogs and cats are like mini mobile heaters, plus they are soft! When you are cold, you can just put them on your lap or next to you to help you keep warm. I like to make my dog sleep on my feet to keep them warm!
  • Pillow – While many pets may be too small to lay the weight of our head on them, it is nice to snuggle up into their bellies and take a nap.
  • Vacuum cleaner – Ever notice how your pet sniffs around the floor and nibbles up little bits of food? Pets make great floor cleaners when you have made a crumbly mess after eating some crackers or toast. Just be sure not to leave any chocolate, grapes, or medications on the floor!
  • Bug catcher – Cats especially are great at chasing and catching small moving items which is what makes them great bug catchers. You’ll never have to worry about that pesky fly again.
  • Personal trainer – Pets of all size need daily exercise. Many of them will bother us for attention until we get up and play with them or take them out for a walk. This persistence makes pets great personal trainers because they push us to get up and get active!

Which role does your pet play best? Share it with us by leaving a comment!

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5 Responses to How Pets Save Us Money In Life

  1. Kristine says:

    How about all of the above?

    With my animals around, I am never, ever bored.

  2. crystal says:

    therapist you got that for sure. All three of my cats or therapist for me.

    and will or maincoon Hades is the real heated blanket. heck sometimes he will warm the seat up for you lol. Ever get cold just accept the weight and your warm fast.

    Hades is also the only cat that I can use as a half pillow. will sort of. it’s just nice to have the softness around me head sometime lol.

    vacuum cleaner we got that. Hades gets the meat and almost anything. he will eat tomatoes if you pull them off a burger lol. Eris is the smallest and the only girl she loves all crackers!! you open a box of crackers watch out because she is right on top of that. Zeus is picnic y. he will eat some of it but then won’t eat it other times. though he is the brains.

    Zeus would be the physical trainer. Hades just comes take over your lap when he wants attention. Eris is a scarredy cat who is happy with her mouse cat. Zeus on the other hand is all over you for attention almost 24/7. He wants all the attention. the joke here is you don’t love Zeus. Zeus loves you!! We have been able to teach him a few tricks. the best one is fetch. lol. yes my cat plays fetch with his jingly.

    • crystal says:

      forgot to mention there great a bugs. Eris and Zeus or pro’s at bugs. in spring time you can see the competition come out between the two for the most killed. kind of cute and funny. But Hades sucks at the bugs. he is not a jumper and climber his a ground hog. Though if a mouse gets in the house that ground hog will hug his ground and get it in like lighting speed.

  3. steph says:

    forgot entertainment I canceled my t.v. channels because my boy keep me more entertained then any tv show could

  4. Heather says:

    Ava definitely take the role of personal heater seriously. For such a little dog, she puts off a ton of heat and I always cuddle up with her for warmth. And Jackson is definitely a great personal trainer. He never lets me and/or my husband take a day off from getting outside, no matter if it’s cold, snowing, or raining!

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