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I’m Perfectly Comfortable, Thanks For Asking

This is another pet-related email forward that was too cute not to share!

Cute cat sleeping on back on cat climb toy

Dog sleeping in planter box

Cat sleeping curled up in flower pot

Baby chick sleeping on top of sleeping kitten

Cat sleeping with stuffed bunny

Cat sleeping in rain down spout

Cat curled up sleeping in tea tray

cute cat sleeping

cat sleeping draped over couch

cat sleeping in towel box

cat sleeping in between folded towels

3 cats sleeping on their backs

cat sleeping half in and half out of cat bed

cat sleeping in cardboard box

cat draped over fence

cat sleeping on back

Cat and kitten sleeping in bathroom sink

Fat cat sleeping on dresser

cat sleeping draped over chair arm

Do your pets ever sleep in unusual places or positions? Which picture is your favorite?

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