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Mischievous Pets – Honorable Mentions

Our mailman is intimidated by the dogs so he tosses any packages we receive into the front yard. Sunny, who loves to tear up paper and boxes, usually left the packages alone until the one day I ordered undergarments from Victorias Secret. She had completely gutted the package and left bras and panties scattered about the front lawn. -Tina S.

I came home to find my crocheting project strewn across the ENTIRE living room with my puppy Zoe just sitting in the middle of a knot as if to say "what, this? I didn't do it..." -Erin H.

While I was upstairs, Oscar woke up and got bored. He decided to begin “digging” the couch cushions which at that time were made of cloth material over foam cusions. He destroyed one of the cushions which meant ultimately having to purchase a new couch. -Dwan B.

Batgirl was not happy that I took her bird away. -Beth R.

Here's my dalmatian AJ, only a few weeks after being taken in as a foster. The little rascal destroyed the couch in less than an hour. Due to incriminating evidence, we felt no one would adopt him then, so we made him a permanent part of our home. I thanked him later, i really hated that couch. -Spreti V.

A few years ago I made the mistake of putting Jags' bed in the crate with him.....this is what I came home to. Notice that he didn't destroy his pink pig -Sherry R.

My Irish Setter, Ronin, causes massive chaos when he gets into the side yard, where the trash is kept, obviously.

This is Juneau, who comes to the office with me on a regular basis. This photo was taken shortly after Juneau discovered that her bed was filled with a delightful green stuffing. thankfully we have a backup dog bed as Juneau was quite exhausted after this and spent the afternoon snoozing amid the piles of fluff. -Amy R.

Two potential suspects: Daddy or Canela (chocolate lab mixes) -Barbara P.

Oscar says,"Mom, I killed the monkey because it was attacking your tax documents! Are you proud of me?" -Carol B.

Dinglehopper and his 'brother' Sasso, the pug/beagle mix, decided to destroy Sasso's beloved Lamb toy. This is the mess we came home to. Despite being destroyed that lamb (now stuffing free) remained the favourite toy for years to come. -Michelle D.

About Stacy @Trupanion

Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog mom to her rescued Whippet-mix, Ellie. During the week, you can find Stacy surfing (the internet, that is) and managing Trupanion's presence in the social media world. In her free time, Stacy likes to bake, especially cupcakes! To balance her culinary affinity, she also likes to stay active, especially with activities that include her dog such as hiking and going to dog parks.

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  1. Heather says:

    I think that first picture is my favorite. He just has the most innocent expression on his face! lol

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