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Paw It Forward Day


SAN DIEGO, CA, April 19, 2011 – San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders signed a proclamation designating April 28, 2011 as Pay (Paw) It Forward Day.  By signing the proclamation, Mayor Sanders commends this observance to all our citizens.  Ricochet calls upon animal lovers, surfers, website administrators, bloggers, Facebook users, Twitter users, media, businesses, communities, health care professionals, educators, volunteers, and all people & pets of the world to get involved!

ricochet paw it forward dogThe idea of Pay (Paw) It Forward Day, is for people to do one good deed for three others. When recipients ask how they can re-pay the favor, which can be big or small, they are instructed to pay/paw It forward to three more people.  With each good deed, the cycle of generosity and kindness will ripple across the world, making us all better people and pets.

Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog who inspires others with her charitable/Paw It Forward lifestyle, initiated the proclamation signed by Mayor Sanders.  She uses the term “Paw” it Forward to describe what she, and other pets can do to make a difference.

Pay (Paw) It Forward Day is a worldwide initiative based on the novel of the same name written by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  The premise of the story is about a 12 year old boy who did three good deeds for others in need.  All he asked in return, was for them to pass on the good deed to three other people, and keep the cycle going.

On April 28th, Ricochet will be pawing it forward locally, and encouraging people/pets around the world to do the same.  She recently had wrist bands made with the message “Paw it Forward”, and proceeds are being donated to charity in the spirit of pawing it forward. Random acts of kindness can be as simple as holding a door open for someone, or paying for the vehicle ahead of you in the toll booth lane. Other acts of kindness can be rescuing an animal in need, helping a senior citizen, or babysitting for a friend. The list is endless!

Pay (Paw) It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life, giving to someone else, and making a positive difference.  There are over 15 countries involved, hundreds of schools are participating, and thousands of people will be paying it forward across the world.

Ricochet was named an ambassador for Pay It Forward Day by founder, Blake Beattie, “Ricochet embodies what Pay It Forward Day is all about.  She has done some wonderful good deeds and has made a real difference in the lives of many.  I think we can all learn some powerful lessons from this amazing dog who has a heart of gold.  It is great having Ricochet as an official ambassador of International Pay It Forward Day as she truly helps inspire the world – one good deed at a time.”

Ricochet sincerely thank Mayor Sanders for proclaiming April 28, 2011 as Pay (Paw) It Forward Day. She encourages people to visit her website for more suggestions on how to Pay (Paw) it Forward, or her Facebook page  For more information on the worldwide Pay it Forward initiative go to


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