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Pets and Prize-Winning Personalities

The following guest postcopperlicious the dog is written by Casey from King of the Web:

I got my first dog via marriage. My now-husband had a Beagle puppy when I first met him, proving that yes, the puppy as pick-up lure does work. At first I was a little annoyed with how much space she took up in the bed,  how often we had to go home and clean up her messes, and how much “alone time” she wanted. But slowly, the beagle started to grow on me.  Perhaps it was our first snuggle when I was sick?  Or the  wagging tail (and constant jumping) whenever she saw me? Either way, I’m now a full-blown Beagle mom.

I’ve got thousands of photos and videos of my dog, some professional, some mine. She goes on road trips, she’s got a beagle boyfriend, she has “fans” that walk by our house to see her sitting in the window.  She even has a Facebook page. All of which makes her a perfect candidate for Animal King in the new online game King of the Web, where all kinds of “personalities” compete in a monthly competition for cash and prizes. If only her mother wasn’t disqualified because her mother works there. (She chewed up a pair of my favorite shoes when I broke the news.)

Fortunately, the rest of you don’tEli the Kitten have that problem – you’re free to show off your pet’s personality, talents, or cuteness on King of the Web.  Like Eli the Kitten, Copperlicious, and Cats and Dogs, who’s advocating the peaceful co-existence of these age-old enemies. If you do a good job, your pet may take home the Animal King prize ($200 gift certificate to Muttropolis), or even the $1k and the title King of the Web.

If you don’t win, your pet will stake make lots of new friends. Just hide your best shoes.

Casey is the VP of Business Development at @KingoftheWeb. She is also a proud donator to the Seattle Beagle Rescue.

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