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Trupanion Pet Insurance Gears Up for Earth Day

Trupanion commemorates Earth Day by putting together a list of things pet owners can do to lessen the impact their pets make on the environment.

( April 4, 2011 — April 22nd marks Earth Day, a day intended to inspire environmental awareness and appreciation. Trupanion, the nation’s fastest-growing pet insurance provider, is observing the day by releasing a list of ways pet owners can help the environment.

“We know pet owners are responsible, caring people,” said Darren DeFeo, Senior Vice President at Trupanion, “so we thought they might be interested in ways to lessen the environmental impact they make with their pets.”

The following is Trupanion’s list of ways pet owners can start thinking about making a difference:

  1. Buy Local – Many sources of food have a large carbon footprint because of the distance the food travels to get to the local grocery store. This is also true for pet food. The best way to lower the impact of food is to make it from local ingredients. If that is not realistic, pet owners can shop for local brands that do this for them.
  2. Pick up Waste – Pet waste, if not cleaned up, can run into storm drains and waterways, contaminating them with bacterial waste that can cause human and wildlife diseases. Pet owners can also use biodegradable pet waste bags.
  3. Evaluate Natural Flea and Tick Preventative – Harsh chemicals found in traditional flea and tick preventative can damage the environment. There are natural alternatives that include preventative dietary tablets containing Brewer’s Yeast and garlic. Consult your vet about using one of these products in conjunction with their veterinary advised products.
  4. Walk the Dog – Instead of driving miles to a dog park or other dog-friendly exercise area, pet owners can their dog for a walk instead. This saves on idling fumes and gas consumption that occurs when using a vehicle.
  5. Recycle – Recycle any pet food containers like wet food cans and treat boxes.
  6. Use Natural Cat Litter – Clay-based cat litters are not biodegradable. Pet owners should look for litters that are made from recycled and biodegradable materials.
  7. Spay and Neuter – Pet overpopulation is a huge problem all over the world. By eliminating the chance of pregnancies, it lessens the problem, avoiding extra mouths to feed, waste to clean, and the impact one more being creates on the planet.

Earth Day is a good time to evaluate the impact pet owners have on the environment. A few changes in everyday life can help lessen their carbon footprint and increase the health of the planet.

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