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Keeva’s Pet Insurance Testimonial


Keeva, our 4 year old Olde Victorian Bulldogge who is  not dog friendly tore her cruciate a couple of years ago .. she needed  a knee repair and her insurance covered it all … two nights after  she had the surgery we were outside and she tried to bolt after a dog that  was passing by and hit her knee on the pavement .. blood shot out  and at midnight I was in the emergency clinic with her .. fortunately the  stitches didn’t rupture but they had to sedate her to clean the area and  rebandage it … Trupanion covered the bill .. this past January she tore her  second cruciate and her other knee needed repair and the surgery was  covered including the fancy haircut … all the representatives I have  spoken with have been very kind and caring …

When my daughter  got her first puppy last month we promptly insured her.

Thank you Trupanion for your excellent service and  genuine compassion for Keeva ..

Toby B
Vancouver BC

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