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Lola’s Pet Insurance Experience


My 4 yr old poodle-cross became nauseous one evening after eating a bird wing she found in the park. Her instincts told her to eat grass, but because I was out of the house for an hour the best thing she could do was pull at the carpet(something she has never done!). Unfortunately the nylon carpet came apart in one long string that she swallowed.  Lola needed to have her stomach opened up to remove the string that had become lodged at the bottom of her stomach.

Very distraught and worried about losing my dear dog, I called Trupanion to let them know that my dog would need emergency surgery.  Trupanion was excellent.  The total bill came to $4000 and I had to pay $550. They paid my vet hospital directly and they were very good about keeping me informed through email.  With very limited resources, I would not have been able to pay such a large vet bill.

I am VERY glad that I invested in Trupanion, I am very thankful that they came through when we needed them, and I am incredibly thankful to have my wonderful dog cheerfully wagging her tail by my side once again!

Many thanks,

Foreign Body Ingestion Total claim amount: $4,063.64
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fee: -$69.00
Other fees – rechecks: -$98.00
10% co-insurance: -$389.66
Trupanion repaid: $3,506.98


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