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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Renal Failure

Beddie is an English Mastiff that has unfortunately experienced many medical conditions in her short 4 years of life. Beddie has had a urinary tract infection, TPLO surgery for a torn cruciate ligament, and most recently, acute renal failure.

Renal failure, or kidney failure is when the kidneys fail and inefficiently remove waste from the bloodstream. There are many causes for acute kidney failure such as ingestion of antifreeze or other poisons, heatstroke, certain medications, and in this case, a urinary tract infection.

Treatment included a whopping 25 days spent at the vet receiving medications, screenings, fluid therapy and daily monitoring.

Total claim amount: $15,503.46
Deductible applied: -$100.00
Exam fees: -$48.00
Unrelated charges: -$101.25
10% co-insurance: -$1,525.42
Trupanion repaid: $13,728.79


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