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Pet Insurance Review – Outstanding support, exceptional people

10/10 Outstanding support, exceptional people
I am excited to share that my service with Trupanion has been outstanding. My breeder who stated she interviewed a Trupanion representative at length for over an hour about all possible bulldog medical scenarios, said Trupanion covers everything with exception of exams, preventative care, experimental, behavioral or preexisting conditions. She was very impressed and so was I was with what I heard and learned upon further review. I have 8 month white bulldog puppy named Diesel, who so far has required 2 cherry eye surgeries and 1 Ectopic cilia surgery. I was concerned when the latest Etopic cilia surgery was going to be over $1,600. I called Trupanion to see if it was covered, I spoke with Cynthia who was absolutely terrific to deal with. She explained while they don’t guarantee coverage over the phone, she was familiar with the condition – knew it was a painful to the dog and stated she saw no reason why it would not be covered. It certainly was and it’s all true. • 90% coverage • One simple plan • No payout limits So far I have received close to $2,000 in financial support for Diesel through Trupanion. The smartest decision I have ever made regarding my bulldog was to sign up with Trupanion as soon as I got Diesel.

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