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Trupanion Sees First Claim for Javalina Attack

Basquiat is now fully recovered from his battle with the javelinas.

( May 30, 2011 — Trupanion, the nation’s fastest-growing pet insurance provider, today announced their most unusual claim of the year thus far – a dog attacked by javelina (a species of wild pig) who then fell into a patch of cholla cactus.

The attack occurred as pet owner John Hoffman walked his dog Basquiat, a 1-year-old mixed breed, in their Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhood. Three javelinas, wild pig-like animals, jumped out from the shadows and attacked Basquiat. The dog wrangled with the javelinas, which eventually took him to the ground, where he fell into a patch of cholla cactus. Basquiat struggled free and ran home, with a number of serious bit wounds and cactus spines embedded in his face.

Javelina are wild, pig-like animals.

Hoffman rushed his dog to his veterinary clinic, Animal Medical and Surgical Center, where he stayed in critical care for several days. His veterinarian addressed the bite wounds and removed the cactus spines. He was given fluids and medication until he was able to be sent home with Hoffman. The total trip to the vet came to over $2,000 and Trupanion paid 90% of the claimed amount.

“That was a harrowing night for Basquiat and me,” said Hoffman, “but the peace I felt knowing he was insured with Trupanion meant the world to me.”

Javelina, also known as peccary or skunk pig, can measure between three and four feet long and weigh between 44 and 88 pounds. They have strong jaws and short straight tusks. They are found mostly in the southwestern area of North American and throughout Central and South America.

Basquiat is now home and recovered, and doing well.

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