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Dining Al Fresco With Your Dog

With warmer weather upon us, nothing is greater than eating on a restaurant patio, especially with the company of our dogs. Dogs and cats continue to transition from the role of ‘pet’ to ‘family member’ and in response, more public establishments such as restaurants and cafes are becoming pet friendly. It is becoming easier to find places that allow pets with the help of popular websites such as BringFido.com. However, it’s important to always check in advance!

In her article, It pays to be pet friendly, Laurie Williams recently shared some great tips for those planning to bring a pet along a dining outing:

  1. Even though some restaurants provide water bowls for dogs, don’t assume — bring your own portable water dish and water as well.
  2. It’s natural for dogs to be curious when they smell new foods, so bring along some high value food and treats for your dog as well. This will make the food on your (and other diners’) plates a lot less appealing.
  3. Make sure your dog has been well socialized and has good manners.  Any dog that is out in public should be safe for strangers of all ages to be around.  And don’t expect your dog to be the only canine there.  Your dog should be not only safe with humans, but safe around other dogs too.
  4. Always call ahead or check with management first before assuming your dog is welcome.  If your dog isn’t welcome, rather than make a big stink, politely leave — and give your money and patronage to a dog friendly establishment.
  5. Keep your dog on leash at all times, and position him either under the table or far to the side, out of any main thoroughfares, paths and walkways.
  6. Bring a rug, mat or pad for your dog to lie on. Concrete can get hot and uncomfortable for your dog, making him antsy and less likely to sit or lay still
  7. Make sure your dog has been well exercised and pottied before taking him inside the seating area.
  8. Bring along plenty of clean up wipes and waste bags and always clean up after your pet both in and around the restaurant and parking areas.
  9. Do not allow your dog to eat, drink or lick any of the restaurant dishes, and don’t allow him on the chairs or furniture.
  10. Always thank the management for allowing your dog to dine with you and tell them you will spread the word and let other pet owners know how well you and your furry friend were treated.



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