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Pet Health Concerns: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that occurs in humans and pets alike. With this condition, excessive fluid builds up and causes increased pressure in the eye, which may cause damage to the optic nerve. With damage occurring to the nerve, this condition can lead to progressive vision loss and if not treated quickly, it can cause blurred vision, blindness, and permanent vision loss.

Symptoms may include dilated pupils, cornea cloudiness, pain, discomfort, increased eye blood vessel size, and eye protrusion. Treatment is available for this condition and can be done by using medication and surgery. Treatment may cost about $1,400-$3,000.

By enrolling your pet with Trupanion pet insurance, your cat or dog’s policy will include coverage for diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hereditary and congenital disorders, as long as treatment for a certain condition is required after enrolling and is not pre-existing.

Has your pet ever experienced any problems with glaucoma? If so, we would love to hear from you and any comments, advice, experiences, of thoughts on this condition.

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