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Pet Insurance Testimonial: Abner’s Story


“As an Animal Health Technician working in a veterinary clinic, I’ve seen the value of Pet insurance time and time again. When I adopted my kitten Abner from a client, enrolling him with Trupanion took place before I even booked his first vaccination appointment. Enrolling him so early in his life guaranteed me that Abner would have complete coverage for anything that could possibly happen to him; which was the best move I could have ever made. On Abner’s last vaccine appointment; when he received the Rabies vaccine, we went home where Abner proceeded to react badly to the vaccine.

Trupanion took care of all his medications that he needed to control his reaction. A few months after that incident, he fell off the counter and dislocated his left shoulder blade. Once again we were back at the clinic to have my fellow veterinary staff nurse him back with a series of X-rays and anti-inflammatory medications. After a few more claims : Foreign body Barium Series, Ear infection, and Allergy Testing, Abner celebrated his first birthday in May of this year.

I hope for Abner’s sake that this next year has fewer incidents, but since I have Trupanion insurance I’m covered for 90% of his injuries and illnesses.”


Condition: Allergy panel, inflamed ear drums, and foreign body ingestion
Trupanion Paid: $2,887.23

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