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Pet of the Week: Enzo

Hi! This is Enzo the Italian Greyhound! He is just over ten months old and full of life! After bringing Enzo home I knew I needed to insure him. These little guys have tiny little legs and as a result they can be prone to leg breaks, which is VERY expensive without the proper coverage. After tons of research we beleived that Trupanion offered the best protection for Enzo and so here we are!

Enzo is definitely a character, he loves to burrow into any kind of fuzzy blanket so that just his little paws are poking out! If he isn’t able to get his blanket just right he will bark at you to come over and help him! He loves his nap time! He also loves to tease all of the other dogs at the dog park! He will taunt them into chasing after him, (knowing that he can’t be caught!) These little Iggys can run up to 45km per hour! Sometimes he will have anywhere from 5 to 15 dogs chasing after him at the park! It really causes quite a scene!

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