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Preparing for Take Your Dog to Work Day

The official ‘take your dog to work day’ is right around the corner! This Friday, June 24th, pet owners around the country will be bringing their furry friends to the office. What could be better than man’s best friend laying by your feet as you work?

There are a few things to keep in mind when bringing your dog to work, however, especially if your dog is not used to an office environment. Take note of these tips that we at Trupanion have come up with after years of allowing pets in the office every day.

  1. Introduce your dog to other dogs in a neutral area instead of at your desk or work space. Taking dogs outside for a short walk with each other on neutral ground will make the introductions easier.
  2. If you have to leave your desk or work area, give your dog an extra special treat, like a stuffed Kong, to occupy him until you get back. This will cut down on the anxiety your pet will feel and the subsequent whining.
  3. Don’t expect your dog to get along swimmingly with the other dogs in the office right off the bat. Be patient but firm with any interactions your dog has to let them know that it’s okay to be curious but not aggressive.
  4. Remember that no matter how well you know your own pet, you cannot predict the behavior of other pets. Never assume that other pets will be as well trained or well socialized as your own and take precautions when introducing your dog around the office.
  5. Realize that your dog doesn’t hold grudges. This means that if there is a scuffle between your dog and another pet, it’s not a reason to become rattled and stressed. When dogs have a disagreement, it’s best to learn from it and move on, rather than dwelling on the fact that dogs are not perfect. Figure out what went wrong in the situation, and remedy it to prevent it from happening again.
  6. Respect your coworkers, especially those who are not dog owners. Do your best to keep the noise level down while your pet is in the office, as well as the smells of food and treats. Also, respect your coworkers’ personal space. Do not allow your dog to jump all over them or crawl under their desks unless they have expressly said this is not a bother to them.

Bringing your dog to work can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here at Trupanion, we know first hand that dogs in the office can actually increase productivity, as a short break to walk a dog or simply snuggle for a minute can be enough to refresh you for the rest of the day. But the experience is only beneficial if everyone – pets and humans – are prepared. Follow these steps and come back to let us know how your experience went!

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