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The Cat that takes the Purrfect Shot!

The following guest post is written by Casey, from King of the Web:

Cooper, an American Shorthair Cat, has helped elevate dogs and cats to a higher level in the art community.  I’m sure we have all seen the art left in the front and backyard, in a litter box, or sometimes placed upon the underside of an unlucky shoe, and perhaps failed to appreciate its significance. But Cooper the Photographer Cat helps breach the gap between human and pet artistic perspectives as he strolls his neighborhood taking photos that even humans can appreciate.

His photos are of the normal cat fair, you got the heads of his owners before the pounce, other cats, a lot of nap photos, the regulars. But besides the awesomeness of seeing the world through a cat’s eyes, Coopers photos are displayed in various art galleries around the country, because they are good. His pictures have been displayed in Chicago and Seattle and sell for $265 dollars a shot. A starving cat artist, he is not. Cooper also has pounced onto various television programs including, Animal Planet’s MustLoveCats, The Today Show in Australia, and the Q13 news.

Cooper takes his pictures using a lightweight digital camera attached to his collar. You can see his photographic eye at his website or at where he’s running to be the Animal King. Cooper has some fierce competition this month. His competitors include TheDunderBoy who you can see age 1 year in 40 seconds through a time lapse video and Clyde_with_a_y who has proven himself  King of Frenchies!

Other pet parents! Do you have an awesome animal who should be Animal King? Go to King of the Web and race for the crown and title of Animal King!

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