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Top 10 Hot Weather Pet Tips

The warmer days are on their way, and for some of us, they are already here! It is important to remember important tips about our pets’ safety regarding hot weather. Here are a few tips to help you and your pet stay cool and safe this summer.

Hot weather tips for your pet

Don’t leave your pet in the car.

Ever. Your car is like an oven, even with the windows cracked. On a 78 degree day, your car can heat up to over 90 degrees when parked in the shade, imagine how hot it can get when parked in the sun! Err on the side of caution and leave your pet at home.

Provide plenty of shade.

Pets can’t sweat like humans so they need a proper place to escape if they get too hot. Be sure that your pet has a shady tree to lay under when outside, or a cool place in the house to retreat.

Provide plenty of water.

Prevent dehydration by keeping your pet’s water dish filled with cool, clean water. Maybe even throw in a couple of ice cubes!

Shave off the winter coat.

If your pet is shedding it’s undercoat, be sure to help with the process by giving him a good brushing. It may also be a good idea to consider shaving down pets with thicker coats to help them stay cool on the hot summer days.

Avoid hot asphalt.

In some areas, asphalt can get hot enough to fry an egg– imagine how that must feel on your pooch’s paw pads! Try to only walk during the early morning or late evening and stick to grass and gravel trails rather than asphalt.

Be safe in the water.

If you are taking your pet for a swim to cool off, be sure to provide plenty of supervision and time to rest between dips into the water.

Rinse off after a swim.

It’s important to rinse your dog after a swim in the lake, ocean, or pool. If not, your dog may lick the salt water or pool chemicals and become sick.

Know what to look for in an overheated pet.

Symptoms of an overheated pet include difficulty breathing, excessive panting, drooling, increased heart rate, weakness and even collapse.

Flat-faced furry friends need extra care.

Brachycephalic animals such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Persian cats cannot pant and cool down as effectively as our longer-muzzled pets.

Have fun!

By paying a little extra attention and care this summer, your pet can have a happy and healthy time!


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