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Animals on Social Media

Cat on computerRecently Mashable published a list of ten animals that have more social media fans than major media outlets. I thought this was a funny idea and wanted to share these famous beasts with you.

First, there is Sockington the cat, a typical cat who lives in Massachusetts and tweets about typical cat things. But with over 1,480,000 followers on Twitter, he really is the cat’s meow!

Next, there is the Bronx Zoo cobra, who gained notoriety when it was reported that he had escaped his cage. A huge cobra hunt ensued, even prompting Trupanion to get in on the fun. This guy has over 230,000 Twitter followers.

Number three on the list is Maru, who you may remember from a guest post on the Trupanion blog. Maru is a fun-loving cat who lives in Japan and loves to record videos. He has almost 140,000 YouTube subscribers.

Fourth is Boo, an absolutely adorable Pomeranian who happens to have over 1,300,000 fans on Facebook. But honestly, who can resist cute puppy pictures?

At number five we have Nyan Cat, an animated cat that not only has a following on YouTube, but boasts over 120,000 Twitter followers as well!

To read the rest of the top ten social media animals, read the full article here.

Who is your favorite animal on social media?

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