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How Safe Is Your Pet’s Food Bowl?

Recently on our Facebook page, someone asked about ceramic pet food bowls and how to know whether or not it contains lead. This got me to researching on the internet where I learned quite a bit about the different types of pet food bowls and what is safe. Here are a few tips that I learned:

  • When purchasing a ceramic or stoneware bowl, be sure that it is labeled as “lead free”
  • Plastic food bowls, when scratched, can harbor unhealthy bacteria in those tiny crevices that even a good cleaning can’t remove
  • Some plastics contain BPAs which can be harmful to our pets
  • According to Raise a Green Dog!, stainless steel may be your best bet because it doesn’t leak any chemicals, is easy to keep clean and sanitary, and doesn’t rust.

Raise a Green Dog wrote a great, in-depth post about pet food bowls with more information if you are interested!

What kind of pet food bowls do you use?


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