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Pet Health Concerns: Raccoon Attack

Miniature Schnauzer
Batman, before the attack.

Recently, one of our employees here at Trupanion had a scary encounter with a raccoon. It was something she never expected to happen, and I realized I never really gave much thought to the danger of common wild animals that may reside in my neighborhood. I wanted to tell her story to remind our readers that wild animals (even the ‘cute’ ones) can be extremely dangerous.

Batman, a very sweet Miniature Schnauzer, was sniffing around his yard one morning like normal. He had just been let outside to do his ‘morning business’. But this time, he heard a rustle in the bushes along the side of his house and went to investigate. He was immediately attacked by a raccoon that, for whatever reason, was out and about in the daylight.

Batman’s owner heard a horrible scream and ran to investigate. The raccoon had Batman in its grip and wasn’t letting go. It was only after some swift hits from a broom that the raccoon let go and scampered off. Poor Batman had puncture marks on his back and scratches all along his stomach.

Raccoon Attack on Dog
Batman's back after the attack.

He was rushed to the veterinarian and seen right away. Luckily, the wounds were not too horrendous (thanks to the quick action of his owner, no doubt) and after applying some topical antibiotic and prescribing some oral antibiotics, Batman was able to go home.

The poor pup was shook up for a while and still becomes very suspicious of those bushes alongside his house, but he will be okay. Unfortunately, things could have ended up much worse.

So, I tell this story to ask pet owners to keep a close eye on their furry friends, even when exploring their own yard. Never feed or otherwise encourage wild animals to come into your yard or onto your deck. Some wild animals like squirrels, raccoons and deer can seem so cute and lovable, but the truth is that they are still wild and can cause a lot of harm.

Have you ever had an encounter with a wild animal?

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