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Pet of the Week: Louis and Rosie

Meet Louis and Rosie, both purebred Abyssinians! As one of the oldest breeds of cat, Abyssinians strongly resemble the cats of ancient Egypt.

I chose the breed due its reputation as an active cat that is smart, beautiful and full of personality. Louis felt that he needed to live up to the Abyssinian reputation and taught himself to use the toilet instead of a litter box. He’s working on training Rosie to do the same. Both are leash trained and love to go on walks around the neighbourhood, where they greet all stunned passers-by. They don’t seem to realize what an unusual sight the two of them are when they are out on their walks.

Rosie’s favourite thing to do is ride on my husband’s shoulder when he goes downstairs to make coffee in the morning. Louis’ favourite thing is food and he has been known to grab the food right off your fork (even though he’s not allowed to do that!)

Louis and Rosie sound like such unique and smart kitties! Thank you so much, Kathy, for sharing them with us.
You can learn more about the Abyssinian in our cat breed guide.

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