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Pet Tributes: Tattoos

Recently, Jennifer Aniston made headlines when she was caught sporting a new tattoo on her right foot of a man’s name – Norman. After some speculation, it was determined that this wasn’t a new man in her life, but a tribute to her beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix who had passed away. Norman was reportedly very important to Aniston, accompanying her not only at home, but on movie sets as well, and the tattoo was her way to pay homage to him forever. (See article here.)

Aniston isn’t the only celebrity to make their puppy love known via tattoo. Actor Michael Vartan, most famously known for his role of Michael Vaughn on the show Alias, has his chocolate lab’s name – Millie – tattooed on his forearm. “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her,” said Vartan in an interview.

But obviously, what is popular with celebrities is popular with the general public as well and many pet owners are honoring their furry friends with permanent ink. Here are some I found while browsing the web:

Dog Tattoo
via Petfinder
Cat Tattoo
via Tattoo Blog
Pug Tattoo
via Delaware Online

Would you ever consider tattooing your pet’s likeness on your body? Or have you already?


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