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Pets of the Week – Jack and Tori

Jack and Tori are 13 months old brother and sister Sphynx cats from the same litter.  I got Jack in August 2010 when he was just 14 weeks old.  He was almost immediately tied to my heart in a way I could have never imagined.  I knew that I had to insure him because I loved him so much and NEVER wanted to be in a position to make a medical decision not his or my best interest simply because I could not afford medical care.  After many recommendations from friends and research myself, I knew Trupanion was the best for us!  8 months after having Jack, I called the breeder and she still had his sister from the same litter!  I was in the car the next day driving 1.75 hours to pick her up.  That week, Tori was added to Jack’s policy!  They are best friends, they wear clothes to keep warm, they crave attention, love car rides, thrive on adventure, and love going on walks in their pet stroller.  They are the joy of my life!  Thanks, Trupanion, for the security having you gives me.

Jack and Tori are such unique and beautiful kitties! Thanks to Kyleen for nominating them and we are proud to feature them on our blog!

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