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You Know You Are a Dog Owner When…

Ava the Italian Greyhound
One of my spoiled dogs.

It seems like almost daily I’m in my normal routine and I’ll laugh to myself about something, thinking to myself, “This would only happen to a dog owner.” I thought it would be fun to ask around to my pet-loving friends to see how they would end the sentence, “You know you are a dog owner when…” Check out some of the great responses!

You know you’re a dog owner when…

… you wave at someone with the same hand with which you are holding a bag of poo.

… you spend more for food and treats for them than you do on yourselves.

… you explain the dog’s past to others to explain his demeanor so they can “better understand” him.

Dog in Pool
Pool dog! Courtesy of Mark Kerzner

… when you spend big bucks on a pool and they are in it more than you.

… you step on squeaky toys and kongs on the way to the bathroom at night.

… you can find at least 10 dog hairs on your clothing at any given moment.

… you are judging rental houses based on the yard vs. the house.

… it’s not family snuggle time without the smell of frito paws in your face.

… your living room is covered in fur and you vaccuumed two hours ago.

… picking up poop in a plastic bag is second nature.

… you have baby gates all over your house but no babies.

… when you treat your dog better than you do yourself!

How would you end this sentence? Share in the comments!


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