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Abby’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Abby Adam, a Pomchi (aka Pomahuahua) came to us at 10 weeks, and immediately established herself as The Adventure Dog.

Abby was stung by a bee between the pads on her right foot in August 2010. She began exhibiting Anaphylactic Shock, and within minutes was unable to stand or keep her head upright. At a pet emergency cost of more than $2,500, her life was saved, and it served as a wake-up call to find pet insurance.

We investigated and found that on a cost/benefit basis, Trupanion was clearly the best way to go, and we did.

Six months later, when she ate rat poison, her stomach pump resulted in an amount of poison residue that resembled cream of wheat, along with shards of a ball-point pen, some pea gravel and 5 or 6 olive pits.

Abby after her snake bite

We submitted our bill to Trupanion the next day. However, only 10 days later, and before Trupanion had had a chance to respond to the “rat attack,” Abby was bitten by a rattlesnake. After three days of anti-venins, hyperbaric chambers, transfusions and other treatments necessary to save her life, we paid pet emergency $6,500.

So, in less than a month, as a new customer, we had submitted nearly $9,000 in vet bills to Trupanion. They responded quickly; provided us with constant updates as our claims worked through the system; and we were very pleasantly surprised by the amount Trupanion reimbursed.

We have strongly recommended Trupanion to all our pet-loving friends.

-Ren A.

About Stacy @Trupanion

Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog mom to her rescued Whippet-mix, Ellie. During the week, you can find Stacy surfing (the internet, that is) and managing Trupanion's presence in the social media world. In her free time, Stacy likes to bake, especially cupcakes! To balance her culinary affinity, she also likes to stay active, especially with activities that include her dog such as hiking and going to dog parks.

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