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Deductibles: When Per-Incident Is Better Than Annual

For those of you who do thorough research when shopping for a pet insurance provider, you have probably noticed that there are different deductible options available. Typically, your options for a policy deductible are either per-incident, per-claim, or annual.

I would like to highlight the pros of a per-incident deductible and how it may even be better than the alternatives.

Chronic conditions
If you choose a deductible with your Trupanion plan, it is a lifetime deductible. This means that it must only be met once during the life of your policy for any given condition. Say your pet develops allergies or diabetes. These conditions will likely require veterinary care, treatments, or medications for years to come. You would only need to meet the deductible once for the condition before it is covered at 90% for the rest of your pet’s life.

Recurring conditions
Often times, a pet will make a number of visits to the vet for the same condition. For example, Ellie the dog had a foxtail incident in which she first went to the vet for coughing and hacking, and made various return visits until it was discovered that she had a foxtail in her throat and needed surgery. Because these are all related to the same condition, it would only require one deductible.

Varying incidents
The time where you would really notice the difference between a per-incident and annual deductibles is if your pet were to experience a wealth of different conditions all in the same year. What do you think the likelihood is for experiencing many different conditions versus continuing to experience the same or a few of the same conditions?

Finally, if you are truly concerned that your pet is going to experience many different conditions, then you could always choose a no-deductible plan. Trupanion is the only provider to offer this option.

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