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Editorial: Working Like A Dog

This morning, I was thinking about the common idiom, “work like a dog”. The term is used to describe someone who is working hard, but it’s kind of hard to believe when we live in a time where dogs and cats ride around in strollers and purses and feast on gourmet meals. As I write this, my dog Ellie who gets to come into work with me, is currently snoozing in an oversized dog bed beneath my desk.

But believe it or not, there was a time where dogs were only used for working. For hundreds of years and up until recently, most dogs were used for purposes such as herding, hunting, guarding, and catching vermin.

Anyway, the phrase doesn’t really hold its meaning as well as it used to, at least as far as I’m concerned. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to ‘working like a dog’ so that I could nap under my desk all day!

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One Response to Editorial: Working Like A Dog

  1. Deb A says:

    Good post. These days I feel dogs still need a job – the ones that get in trouble at those that don’t have something to do (just like kids). Even if that job is just walking nicely with you when you want to get out, it’s still something they need to learn.

    Some of us have dogs that do agility, rally or weight pull. I plan on getting our older girl into Nose Work as it looks fun and will work her mind AND her nose.

    I have to admit though – I’d love to have Ellie’s job! 🙂

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