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End-of-Summer Reading List

As a self-proclaimed bookworm, I always have a list of books I would like to read during the summer. Well, as summer comes to an end, this list is also coming to an end. I thought I would share some of the pet-related books I have on my list in case you are like me and are looking for one or two more reads to round out your summer.

Rescue Me: My Life with the Battersea Dogs
by: Melissa Wareham
This book is a true story about the author’s time spent in a dog shelter in England.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love
by: Larry Levin
This is an amazing story of an amazing dog who survived being used as a bait dog and found a family to love and who loved him back.

Heir of the Dog: A Dog Walker Mystery
by: Judi McCoy
A light, fun read about a dog walker who can read the minds of dogs.

Life Lessons: From People Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Them
by: Nealy Stapleton
A short book that reads like an advice column, with a section for “How to Raise a Puppy”.

Pet Peeves
by: Taylor McCafferty
A mystery novel about a detective hired to solve a murder case that involves a woman, her cat, and her parakeet.

What are your favorite pet-related books? Please share! I need some new books in the rotation as well!

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