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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Awesome

10/10 Awesome
Having been in business myself, I know that providers seldom hear from happy customers, whereas the ones who believe they have been treated unfairly will be more than glad to tell their story, incorrectly or blown out of proportion. I am writing a testimonial as a happy customer. When we purchased Brie, a German Pinscher, in Jan/2010. We had no idea she would develop medical problems. Thanks to the suggestion of a friend we took out Trupanion pet Insurance. The medical treatment Brie was treated for was very costly with many trips to the vets and their recommendations to different specialists. Every time we submitted a claim we were reimbursed within 1 to 2 weeks with out waiting or having to plead our case. We were very happy the way we were treated. I hope this testimonial will help others to see that there are companies like Trupanion that will provide the services they advertise and make their customers very happy. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to tell our story. Lind & Terry Dilworth & Brie

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