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Guest Post: Is Your Dog Your Best Friend?

The following is a guest post from, one of the first companies to design and create gift baskets – for pets! They’ve been in business for over 13 years, and owe their success to their four-legged friends. They’ve been around dogs their entire lives, and know firsthand the positive impact they have.

Is Your Dog Your Best Friend? 3 Ways To Treat Him Like it!

The old saying about dogs being our best friends holds true – after all, they are always there to provide us with care and affection, for little in return. Our dogs are part of our families, and it’s so important to reward our loving four-legged friends with our own love. Here are just a handful of ways to show your pooch he’s a member of your family!

Visit The Vet Regularly

One of the best ways to show a family member you care is by caring about their health. Take your dog for a vet check-up at least once each year, and more frequently if your dog often suffers from illnesses. Be sure to also have your dog groomed typically once every six months. Just as you need a haircut once in awhile, your dog needs his coat groomed and trimmed to continue being a healthy, happy dog!

Goodies For A Good Dog

It’s important to not over-indulge your dog in treats and goodies, but a great dog certainly deserves a healthy treat every now and then. Dog gift baskets, filled with natural treats and fun dog toys, are a cute way to reward a dog, or to gift to a dog owner with an admirable pooch. Keep a bag or box of healthy treats on hand to give to your dog when he or she has been exceptionally good! It’ll create a sense of positive reinforcement for next time.

Continual Care And Affection

Most dogs don’t ask for much more than a loving home, but it’s important you give them as much affection as possible. Pet them while you’re watching television, take them out for refreshing walks, and let them breathe the fresh air rushing by in a car ride. The more you show love for your dog, the more your dog will, too!

We treat our pets just like family members, and are always so happy to come home and see Fido ready and waiting, tail wagging! From visiting the vet for regular check-ups, to treating your dog to goodies inside dog gift baskets, and being affectionate with your dog, it’s crucial to take time to treat your dog the right way.

Share with us some ideas you have for treating your dog well by leaving a comment!

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